Why Lightweight Outdoor (& Indoor) Pots?

In a world where it is super easy to Photoshop anything to make it look real, I can assure you this photo is not Photoshopped.  As you can see, our lightweight outdoor pots are really this light and if I can lift them one-handed, anyone can.

So light, you can pick them up with one hand
So light, you can pick them up with one hand

All of our pots are carefully handcrafted with quality marine-grade fiberglass. This composite material provides unrivaled performance and durability in all weather conditions, whilst being super lightweight, unlike the rival heavy terracotta, stone, and cement pots.

Not to mention, our outdoor pots also make killer indoor pots too.

What are the benefits of Marine Grade fiberglass for Outdoor pots?

Marine-grade fiberglass is ideal for use indoors and outdoors in any climate. From a sunny rooftop in tropical North Queensland to a winter balcony overlooking the Snowy Mountains, our pots certainly love their forever homes.

Marine Grade fiberglass can expand and contract during cold winter months due to its general elasticity.
Each planter is expertly finished by our post-production team using UV-resistant automotive paint and is protected against extended exposure to harsh sunlight.
Weather-resistant finishing with an incredibly strong build allows our products to last outdoors for years on end without losing quality.
Perfect to define a space in any house, office, or business, our pots are ready for the indoors and will not leak water on floors.
With the option of including, or drilling your own drainage holes, our pots are suited for indoor and outdoor use.
Most of our pot designs are light enough to be picked up single-handedly and installed with ease anywhere you see fit.
Benefits of Marine Grade Fiberglass
The hands that make every one of our pots
The hands that make every one of our pots

The superior strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass enables our craftsmen to handcraft innovative designs of all shapes and sizes. Therefore our lightweight outdoor (and indoor) pots can be installed, lifted, and carried with ease.

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