Welcome to Green Image Lifestyle… Here is a little bit about us!

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Have you ever had a dream about doing something, going somewhere, being something? 

But then that more than likely it involves risk. Big risk.  Expensive risk.  Scary risk.  Are you willing to take that risk to reach your dream, whatever that dream may be?

We hear you.  That was us too.  We had a big pipeline dream of having our own Outdoor Lifestyle brand and expanding the family business.  We would talk about it often over dinner, in the car, at night whilst watching mindless TV.  Until one day we just decided we needed to take that risk and see where it took us as a business and a family.

We searched long and hard for the right product that stood out to us and what would make our vision come to life.  Once we were sure this was ‘the one’ we booked our flights to Vietnam in what would be our first overseas family holiday with our 9 month old daughter.

This is where we met with our manufacturer, toured the showroom, touched and felt the products, met the people in the workshop behind the scenes and built relationships with our new suppliers.  This was a very surreal moment for us.  Everything exceeded our expectations and we knew we were on the right path.

We came home with a vision and got straight to work.  It was full steam ahead getting everything ready in order to launch a new business.  From website development, finding the perfect showroom/warehouse space, placing our first order, photoshoots, graphic design and so much more.  Would it be easy? No!   Would it be worth it? We were hoping so.

As time came closer to tightening up all the loose ends for launch time, then the unimaginable happened… Covid-19!  We definitely didn’t have a pandemic scenario in the risks we ran through our minds when starting this.  The world became a different place overnight, and it was scary times for small businesses. 

Although we didn’t think this time would be the greatest time to launch a new business, we still gave it our all to get things up and running as we weren’t about to give up on our dream.  People still need to be able to create their dream indoor/outdoor living areas to enjoy with family and friends, especially in these trying times.

When constructing our mission statement we thought long and hard about how to put into words why we are so passionate about this area.  Reading back over our mission statement now after this world wide pandemic, it rings even more true in why we are continuing with our dream…

At Green Image Lifestyle we are passionate about creating outdoor lifestyles that you and your loved ones can enjoy for years to come. From providing extensive knowledge and excellent customer service, to sharing our hand-picked, high quality products that the modern entertainer and gardener are sure to love.

We’re here to provide you with inspiration to design and create your ultimate outdoor space.

Rhianna and Matthew Long, Green Image Lifestyle

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come on the Green Image front.  We have only just begun on this journey and have big visions for it.  Be sure to sign up to be part of our Green Image Community so you are kept up to date on all things Outdoor Lifestyle (scroll to the bottom).

Rhianna & Matt

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Green Image Lifestyle… Here is a little bit about us!

  1. Denisse Olazo-Ball says:

    Loved this story, super admiring and I’m glad you kept pursuing your business dream! Cheering you guys on!! We cant wait to see everything unfold!

  2. Eileen Long says:

    Super proud of you Rhi and Matthew. With what’s happening around us, hard work and dedication you kept the dream alive. Loved the story and loved the little girl in the pot.

    • Green Image Lifestyle says:

      Thank you Eileen. It has definitely been a lot of hard work and sacrifice but we are getting there and we are more motivated than ever. Thanks for your purchase and support. We can’t wait to see the pots in all their glory in your new home.

    • Green Image Lifestyle says:

      Hi Anne,
      We do have a showroom. We are located at 5/35 Amsterdam Cct, Wyong NSW. If you are a local and would like to come in and have a look, please get in contact and we can organise a time for you to come in.

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