The Power of White (pots)

Cluster of four white round indoor outdoor pots
Cluster of four white round indoor outdoor pots

The Power of White (pots)

WHITE is a modern-day powerhouse that is prominent among the interior and exterior designers of the world, and for good reason.  This is why we made the conscious decision to design our pots in a timeless white finish.

White as a colour palette represents pure innocence, cleanliness, and perfection, whilst being classic yet simple.  Everything that is on-trend right now… will likely stay on trend for the time to come.

Whether you choose to paint everything in your house white, or just to add accents of white, you are creating a balanced and refreshing environment.

Check out some of our fave white inspo’s below…

Long gone are the days when an all-white façade was considered clinical and hospital-like.  There are ways to get around that stark, cold look, e.g. add some timer features to bring warmth, add black features to create monochrome heaven… OR our favourite, add some greenery and bring the place to life.

White enhances and enables natural light (even where you didn’t think light reached).  Perfect for opening up a dull area and creating a backdrop for any interior style you envision.

“White has it all. It’s beauty is absolute. It’s the perfect harmony.”

– Coco Chanel

Our white pots are our best seller.

This is why our white pots are our best sellers.  They evoke all these feelings, vibes, and more.  A classic white pot will never go out of fashion and will fit in with a multitude of styles.  Whether you are going for a coastal, Hampton, farmhouse, palm springs, or monochrome theme, a classic white pot will always be an investment piece.

Click on a range to see them up close and personal…

Want a different vibe, change out the plant. Go from a tropical palm to a drought-tolerant cactus with the click of a finger (we wish).

PLUS… Do you know what is better than one white pot?  A cluster of white pots.  Creating a visual focal point and adding a statement to an otherwise lifeless area. The beauty of our pots is that they can be used outdoors and indoors.  They are just as pretty inside as they are outside.

We all know there are a gazillion shades of white. If you have used white in your design process, let me know below which white you went with and why.

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