Pot Feet… They don’t have to be ugly!

pot feet example

With every outdoor pot purchase, we include a drainage pack that includes 4 x Invisible Plastic Pot Feet (and 1 x Flyscreen to keep your soil in the pot). The pot feet are designed to sit underneath your pots so they can not be seen. We don’t want the pot feet to be the focus of your gorgeous pot, so it is best off hiding them discretely, yet they are still functional by elevating your pot for essential drainage.

Can you see the pot feet?
Invisible pot feet are discrete and don’t take away from the beauty and statement of your pot/s.

Do I need to use Pot Feet?

If you are using your pot/s outdoors it is recommended to use pot feet. This keeps your pot elevated and prevents your pots from sitting directly on the ground. This can improve drainage and overall plant health. Having the excess water sitting in the bottom of a pot can lead to root rot, a condition where the roots of the plant become damaged and your plant can die due to prolonged exposure to wet soil. Good drainage keeps your soil well-aerated and your plants healthy.

Pot feet can also prevent staining or damage to the surfaces beneath the pot. If you have ever moved a pot that was sitting directly on the ground for a period of time, you will notice the stain/marks that it leaves behind. These can be difficult to remove. Having the water drain from the pot freely prevents stubborn stains.

Evenly space the pot feet underneath the pot for a stable base

How do I use the Pot Feet included with my pot?

Our pot feet are made out of durable plastic which ensures they have a long life and won’t rot away or crack. Whilst you can get pot feet that are visible, we opt for the discrete kind so as not to take away from your gorgeous pot.

Place the pot feet evenly spaced under the pot. Ensure they are under the pot so that they are not visible once the pot is placed on top. This ensures a stable base for the pot to sit on and allows water to drain freely from the bottom of the pot (through the drainage hole), preventing water damage to the roots.

Don’t take away from the beauty of your pot.
So discrete that you can’t see them.

All of our outdoor pots come with a FREE Drainage Pack that includes invisible pot feet.

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