Outdoor Cushions = Year Round Comfort

outdoor cushions on outdoor lounge with outdoor pot

Outdoor cushions are a great addition to any outdoor living or entertaining space. It brings year-round comfort in a versatile and customisable way. There are cushions available for every style just waiting for their forever homes.

BUT… You may need to consider some things when choosing outdoor cushions and WHY they are hot property in outdoor comfort.

outdoor cushions on outdoor lounge with outdoor pot

CUSTOMISABLE – You can create whatever look and feel you want by adding various textures and colours to your outdoor cushions. Cushions can belong on an outdoor lounge/lounger, single armchair, or dining setting. Change the aesthetics as the seasons roll on; warm colours like burnt oranges and black in winter bring heated comfort, and cool colours in summer like hues of blue and white make the spot inviting under the hot sun.

outdoor cushions on outdoor lounge with outdoor pot

VERSATILE – Put them out, pack them away, heck why not even take them on your next outdoor picnic. Outdoor cushions can literally be used anywhere and everywhere, and the best part is… they are so durable. The big outdoor seagrass floor cushions also go brilliantly indoors for added comfort and seating.

outdoor cushions on outdoor lounge with outdoor pot

COMFORT – There is no doubt that having cushions around your outdoor living area provides added comfort. There is no reason comfortability has to stop the moment we walk outside. Whether it be to cuddle on a lounge whilst around the firepit, propped up on the back of an (amazing looking yet a little uncomfortable) outdoor dining chair, or under the bottom of a small child to bring them up to your height, they have their place in outdoor comfort. You are about to spend the next few months outdoors, it is time to create your comfy space.

Caring for your Outdoor Cushions

  • Choose the right materials – An outdoor cushion has a different filling and fabrics than the ones on your lounge inside. Make sure you go for something that is mildew/water resistant and UV treated.
  • Don’t keep them out in direct weather – Whilst they are outdoor cushions, being exposed to the harsh elements decreases the longevity of your cushions life. Care for them and store them away from the Aussie weather patterns and your cushions will last you for more than just a season.
  • Prevention is better than cure – Meaning, if you keep on top of your cleaning and packing away when not needed, then your outdoor cushions will last a long time. They will most probably be out of style before they wear out their welcome. But please be aware, accidents do happen, and to not beat yourself up too much about it.
  • Cleaning – Even though outdoor cushions are water resistant, it is still advisable to give them a good wash and clean every now and then. Machine wash in cool/cold water with a mild detergent, allow to air dry. If you start to see some mould or mildew, clean it straight away. You can use a mild formula of bleach, water and detergent, or even Borax. Make sure you are using this in a well ventilated area and with caution (gloves, goggles and safety mask for protection).

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