Mothers Day Gift Guide for the ‘Outdoor Entertaining Mum’

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Not every mum is a PJ’s, slippers and a candle kind of lady. Some mums are entertaining enthusiasts who love being outdoors and are super proud of their home. These are the mums that you usually can’t shop for in your local shopping center. You walk around aimlessly for hours (or seconds if you’re a man) as nothing is quite right. Lucky there is this Mothers Day Gift Guide to help you out.

This is why we have put together a curated list of our favourite businesses, supporting the small guys in the field and showcasing some AMAZING gift ideas that are sure to WOW any mother (that includes fur mummas too) who loves to dabble in her garden or beautify her space.

Our recent poll only had 11% of mums being the PJ kind… A WHOOPING 89% were plant lovers! Now that speaks volume. Keep scrolling for some gift inspo to put you in the good books with your mum, wife, grandma, step mum, in fact, mum of any kind. A Mothers Day Gift Guide with all the goodies is right at your fingertips…

Mothers Day Gift Guide – Outdoor Entertaining Mum

A recent poll indicated 11% of mums are the PJ kind…

A WHOOPING 89% are plant kind of mums

Green image lifestyle

Mothers Day Gift Guide: Outdoor Entertaining Mum

01 | Outdoor Pots

Green Image Lifestyle

Our pots are perfect for Mothers Day and I can tell you why… Because mums have told us that OUR pots are on THEIR wishlist. So listen up gentlemen and kidlets, buy her a pot and you will definitely be the favourite.

They are handmade, lightweight, and modern in their design. Have one as a stand-alone statement piece or put a cluster together for the WOW factor. We are running a Mothers Day Promo to receive 15% off our Pots and Planters.

Promo Code: mum15

Run, don’t walk. Offer ends Sunday 9th May 2021. Mothers Day shipping closes 30th April. Pickup welcome at our showroom until Saturday 8th May by appointment.

02 | Outdoor Brass Shower

Slightly Garden Obsessed

“Made for the love of summer & showering under the stars…”

If you don’t know who Mon Palmer is then who ever are you? She is just the greatest inspo for anything to do with designing spaces, especially gardens and outdoor areas, and her Outdoor Shower Range is just the icing on the cake. Slightly Garden Obsessed is a fitting name that I think a number of us could relate too.


03 | Plant Lovers Essential Kit

We The Wild

We all love happy healthy plants. Its time to give back to nature and feed them with organic plant food that is also good for the environment. This kit tackles the three pillars of good health, in a way that’s safe and effective for even the most sensitive of plants.

Certified Organic | Traceable Ingredients | Sustainably Sourced | Recyclable Packaging

Better for your plants and the environment. What a great gift for our plant loving mums out there (even if she does love her plants more that you some days).

Receive 10% Off your first order when you sign up to their email list.

04 | Wicker Picnic Basket

The Picnic Emporium

This here is the epitome of all picnic baskets. Imagine filling this with goodies and strolling along to the perfect picnic spot. Yes please!

Lined and insulated to keep the food and drink cold, sporting a flat wooden lid that is perfect for a grazing board. Lightweight so its easily carried when full of scrumptious food and a super cool faux leather or wooden handle.

These Picnic Baskets come in two sizes: Small $140 & Large $190.

05 | Bora Bora Bean Bag Chair

Mooi Living

If comfort and style is important to you, then Mooi Living’s Bora Bora Bean Bag Chair is a smart choice. Great quality, eco friendly and durable outdoor bean bags like you’ve never seen before. Really cool colours and super comfy designs will have your outdoor living or pool area looking a million dollars for an affordable price.

The Bora Bora is only one of many designs. Check out the loungers and ottomans too. Dreamy!

Stacy at Mooi Living has been so gracious to give a promo code 10SPECIAL for a further 10% Off.

06 | Brass House Numbers

Pineapple Traders

Brass hardware screams timeless style and why stop at the interior of the home. Not only do Pineapple Traders stock a large range of Brass Decor and homewares, but their outdoor hardware is just divine and the perfect addition to any home, new or old. Pop a palm tree or one of their famous pineapples next to it and you will have a talking piece to anyone who knocks on the door (have to have something to talk about with the door knocking salesmen right?)

FREE Shipping orders over $75 and $5.95 flat rate shipping under $75.

07 | Outdoor Cushions

Green Image Lifestyle

If there is one way to brighten up a space and make it look inviting is to throw some cushions around. Mix up the colours and patterns to add interest, just make sure they complement each other for that aesthetic flow. Spots and stripes can work, trust me.

All of our outdoor cushions are designed to be outdoors with a fast dry foam and a UV treated polyester fabric to withstand up to 800 hours of UV exposure.

FREE shipping on our Outdoor Cushion range.

08 | Adore Home 4 Issue Subscription

Adore Home

If you need inspo then this is the place to get it. WOW!!! Whether it be inside or out, this magazine has all bases covered and trends that you recreate in your space. Put it on your coffee table to browse through and tab the pages that appeal to you.

This isn’t just any magazine… This is eye candy for any home lover mum! Be Warned… She may be leaving wish lists around for future birthdays and Christmas.

Adore 4 Issue Subscription $60

09 | Tube Stock Plants

Australian Plants Online

Don’t have time to go to the nursery or wander around aimlessly not know what to buy? You can order just about everything else online, why can’t you order plants… Well you can! Australian Plants Online offer more than just plants to post, they provide you with a wealth of plant knowledge and accessories to boot.

Why not choose a Green Image pot and pair it with your favourite Ficus, you’re mum would love that (if you love a Ficus lyrata- Fiddle Leaf Fig, then read this).

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