How do I know when to water my plants?

Fool-proof tool to perfectly watered plants every time

How do I know when to water my plants? Good question, as I am sure a lot of you have wondered at one time or another. If you aren’t confident about when your plants need a drink and you are worried if you are going to overwater them, or worse, not water them enough, then the Sustee is the perfect garden tool for you… AND it’s now in stock at Green Image Lifestyle.

Incorrect watering of potted plants is the biggest concern for plant parents and is reported to be the cause of plant wilting (80% of the time). Alleviate all that stress with a Sustee ‘watering checker’ that can tell plant owners when to water their plants.

How does the Sustee work?

Sustee senses water at the root level. It stays in your pot to continuously monitor your soil humidity based on pF values (pF is a measure of soil tension) and tells you when to top up, or if the soil is hydrated enough already. Sustee helps prevent withering and root rot – keeping your houseplants, indoor and outdoor, healthy so they can purify the air.

Measure the pF values of the soil to know the water capacity

You can use a Sustee with any plants as long as it’s in a pot and is cultivated in soil. Insert your Sustee until the printed “Ω” symbol on the Sustee is hidden under the soil. It is important that the Sustee is inserted within 20cm of the plant so it can accurately measure the moisture content around the roots.

How do I know if my Sustee is working?

There is a core in the clear window of the Sustee. This is white when the soil is dry and blue when the soil is hydrated. Only water your plants once this core has turned back to white to avoid overwatering. You will be surprised how little or how much your plant really requires.

Know when your plant has enough water
The core will change from White to Blue

You no longer need to ask ‘How do I know when to water my plants?’

The answer is, get a Sustee!

Add a Sustee to your pot order so you have perfectly watered plants every time

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