EcoPots Sofia Hanging Outdoor Indoor Pot Plant White Grey with plant


Durability by Design

We are so excited to be adding this amazingly cool brand to our collection.  EcoPots.  These stylish, modern and ultra lightweight hanging pots are made from… Wait for it… RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES!

With millions of tons of waste thrown away each year we find it hard to believe why products still are being made from new raw materials when there is so much waste that can be reused. So Ecopots are made from a unique blend of recycled materials, of which 80% are recycled plastics.

Ecopots are all about designing and producing products that are not only sturdy, frost resistant and break proof, but that are also timeless in their design and use of colours. Beautiful today, tomorrow and in ten years time.

Did we also mention that EcoPots are for both Indoor and Outdoor Use… Talk about Flexibility!

Create the perfect Vertical Garden in no time.

EcoPots Manhattan Outdoor Indoor Hanging Pot Plants in Blue Grey as vertical garden

8 Reasons to Buy EcoPots

  • Made from up to 80% recycled plastic with a natural look and unique handmade finish

  • Ecopots are shock and shatter proof

  • Timeless, architectural Scandinavian design

  • Innovative and smart solutions

  • Lightweight

  • UV- and frost proof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Completely rim- and seamless

  • Now, tomorrow and in ten years time available in timeless colours

Good for now... Great for later


Ecopots are made from recycled plastics. Single use plastic is more and more getting a global problem polluting the world’s oceans. One way to deal with this is to find a good way of reusing those plastics, as we do with our pots (we use up to 80% of recycled plastics for our pots). But even more important; we all have the responsibility to prevent plastics turning into waste all together. That’s why Ecopots are timeless in design and colours (you won’t find trendy and funky colours and shapes with us) and have a life span of over 10 years. Because we believe the most durable products are those you don’t want to have to replace every year or so down to breakage or changing trends.

click here- how to correctly pot your plant in your ecopot

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