Christmas Table Centrepiece

Christmas Table Centrepiece white pot red poinsettias

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” Michael Bublé says over and over and over again.

Time to start preparing the house for the festive entertaining season with this Christmas Table Centrepiece. Don’t forget your outdoor living space, given that it is summer here in Australia, a lot of families are spending their free time in their outdoor spaces.

A stand-out table centerpiece can really give an area a WOW factor, and why not create a living one that will last the whole season and beyond.  Time to get your hands dirty.

Our Rekt planters are perfect for the tabletop.  They are lightweight (easy to move for watering) and are a simple classic design that will complement any setting.

Choose a festive plant to be the focal point, we chose red poinsettias because they are known as the Christmas Star Flower.

Christmas Table Centrepiece outdoors


They are red, vibrant, and easy enough to keep alive and looking maganda (Filipino for beautiful) for every event you are hosting at home.

What you think are the large petals of the poinsettia are in actual fact, leaves. The flowers are the tiny yellow berry-like structures in the middle.

What makes them so versatile for the festive season is that you can have your poinsettias indoors or out, given it’s a well-lit room of natural light.  They don’t like too much water therefore they are perfect for the tabletop (nobody wants a soggy table setting).

Create a softness by adding a tablecloth or a runner underneath the Christmas Table Centrepiece.  Set your table around the pot plant in complementing colours, and enjoy the company and beauty that surrounds you.

Did you know…
Legend has it that a poor Mexican girl did not have anything to give baby Jesus at the Christmas Eve services, so she picked a bunch of weeds and arranged them into a display.  When she put them at the bottom of the nativity scene they burst into red flowers. The poinsettia is known as the Christmas Star Flower due to its appearance looking like the Bethlehem star, with red representing the blood of Christ and white for his purity. 

Other ideas for Outdoor Christmas Living Centrepieces…

Succulent Christmas trees have been popular for some years now. Why not create a mini succulent Christmas Tree Farm in one of Rekt planters, or a stand-alone feature in our Ulam pot.

These succulent Christmas trees from @jlpottingshed and @livingbunch_hire are great inspo for your outdoor festive centerpiece.

Have a go at making your own succulent Christmas Tree with these step-by-step instructions.

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