Cactus Care w/ The Cactus Cartel

Cactus are some of the most unique plants you can own. They have their own personality and characteristics, and make for a great statement in any home or setting.

There are thousands of species of cactus and they are all part of the Cactaceae family. These are becoming widely popular in home decor as they fit into just about any style, from the minimalist and boho chic to the modern contemporary designs. There is space for a cactus anywhere.

We are fans of cactus and have quite a few around the garden, and the best part is they thrive being in pots. As cactus are a statement on their own they complement any of our pots here at Green Image Lifestyle. Whether you have a stand alone cactus embracing its solo beauty or group of different species, they are sure to be a talking point in any indoor or outdoor lifestyle setting.

Bola61 with a Silver Torch trio

We are lucky enough to have experts right at our finger tips and have teamed up with another local small biz to bring you the best cactus care tips, The Cactus Cartel.

Kathryn and Mitch are cactus lovers and sell a variety of cactus right here on the Central Coast, NSW. Follow them on Instagram for some prickly posts.


Cactus care tip from The Cactus Cartel:

Here at The Cactus Cartel, we like to use a balanced mix of premium soil, fine bark and a splash of perlite for optimal drainage for the cactus.

With cactus being a desert plant, they do not require a lot of watering & thrive off well drained soil.

Try this mix to make sure your cactus has the best growing potential from the start.

Tip: Make sure the soil is completely dry between waterings.

This cactus was in a lovely home and for the past 5 years has stayed the same, no growth, didn’t die, just stayed stagnant. One month ago the owner repotted her cactus using our recommended cactus soil mix and BAM… New growth already. This goes to show how important quality, well draining soil is for your cacti.

If you are planting your cactus in a pot make sure you look at the type of pot you are using. Best practice would be to ensure their is drainage holes so you don’t have stagnant water at the bottom of your pot which can cause root rot. You can plant cactus in pots without drainage holes, this just means you have to be extra careful when watering.

Luckily Green Image Lifestyle pots are ideal for cactus as they can come with or without drainage holes and they provide a drainage kit with every purchase.

During winter and the cooler months you can cut back on the watering as cacti become dormant during this time with less sun and cooler temps.

We all know that cactus thrive in the sun so make sure you choose their location carefully. A shaded spot may not work as well for them. Although, be careful as cactus can burn too. Placed in front of a window with constant direct sunlight can magnify the suns impact and burn the precious plant.

Like any plant, cactus thrive from good food too. To encourage growth and flowering you should feed your cactus during spring and summer with a quality fertiliser (low nitrogen, high in phosphorus) diluted and used when watering. Chicken manure is also a great cactus feed.

Planting hack: When replanting your cactus, try this super cheap and easy hack to avoid any nasty pricks.

Get a foam pool noodle, $2 from Bunnings or Kmart, cut a length of approx 30cm and then slice in half.

Use the halves to grab each side of the cactus to hold in place while planting!

Gloves are good, but they are not prick proof.

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